Wooden Dowel Curtain Rails – The Perfect Finishing Touch

The curtains, draperies and window shades that you choose are only part of your window treatments. Why settle for plain curtain rods when you can add the perfect finishing touch with wooden curtain rails that match and accent your decor?

When you replace standard metal curtain rails with wooden curtain rails you have a choice of a wide variety of styles, woods and finishes that can complement your window treatments, your furniture and the style of your room. From the simplest plain wood dowel to elaborately carved, fluted wooden curtain rails, there’s a style of curtain rod that’s perfectly suited to the window decor you choose.

You might choose a plain wood dowel set into wooden curtain rails brackets for a country kitchen style, for example. A Victorian or Edwardian style living room might call for wooden curtain rails with elaborately carved ending finials and a fluted dowel.

Besides the actual style of the wooden curtain rails, you also have a far wider choice of finishes. Choose a paint in a neutral tone to complement nearly any decor – or create a dramatic statement by framing your windows with wooden curtain rails painted in a bright tone taken from the draperies or the room upholstery. If you prefer the natural wood, you can choose a finish in birch, cherry, oak, pine, mahogany – in fact, nearly any kind of wood that you choose. Match it to your furniture or the woodworking and lintels, or be creative and choose wooden curtain rails with a different finish than the rest of the wood in your room.

Wooden curtain rails are more practical and durable than most hollow metal curtain rods, which bend and twist easily. A sturdy set of wooden curtain rails can handle the heaviest set of draperies – or offset the delicacy of a set of sheer white lace panels. When you’re choosing your window decor, don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right hardware for hanging your draperies and curtain. Wooden curtain rails can add so much to your decorating style.